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  • Ship Agency

    Ocean blue Shipping Company provide a reliable and comprehensive ship agency services in all Egyptian port s as well as at Suez canal transit .

  • Logistics

    Ocean blue shipping owns a reliable setup of logistics inside Egypt with professional well trained staff runs :-

  • Chartering

    Ocean Blue Shipping as ship broker primarily for the transportation of dry cargoes such as steel products , agricultural products ,


Ocean Blue Shipping Company

Ocean Blue Shipping Company is a full shipping services office located in Alexandria city - Egypt
10 km away from Alexandria port , We had been engaged for more than 20 years experience management in Chartering - Freight forwarding - Ship Agency - Stevedoring - Fleet management and full Warehousing facilities .
Ocean Blue Shipping Company is your partner for all type of marine services aiming to meet both costumers , ship owners and charterers demands and new developing marine services .
Ocean blue Shipping Company head quarter in Alexandria city but in addition we have our own network of support agency services , stevedoring and warehousing in all Egyptian ports.
We believe that quality of services given by Ocean blue shipping company achieve all needed job requirements - marine services can client is looking for their present and future marine business .
Ocean Blue shipping Company acting also as Shipping general agent in all Egyptian ports for Shipping line Europe Eastmed. Line - Valletta Malta who is running a liner services between North Europe To East Med. sea and vice versa .. showing a regular liner service in monthly basis for break bulk cargoes .
We are mainly loading out of Antwerp port to Alexandria port - Egypt and or Mersin - Turkey also any other intermediate port in direction on subject of suitable consignment . we are ready in any time to book your break bulk cargo whatever it is volume and weight offering full door to door picking / delivering services in Europe - Egypt and Turkey .